Junior Boys – You’ll Improve Me (Caribou remix)

Junior Boys

Thanks to the wonderful world of BBC Radio 6, today Junior Boys, and in particular, their forthcoming single, ‘You’ll Improve Me’ remixed by Caribou, pleasantly flowed through my headphones.

I had no idea who these ‘boys’ were until this morning, but I was fast to hunt them down and before I knew it, I’d bought tickets to see them at Concrete in Shoreditch next month. Impulse buy? Absolutely.

However, after my trigger fingers so happily indulged themselves, I spent the majority of the afternoon working to the soundtrack of these two Canada-based lads – at not one point was I disappointed. Actually, that’s not strictly true; the one thing that did lead to disappointment was that no matter the extend of my search, I could not find one single place to hear the Caribou mix.

It seems that until its release date of 12th December, You’ll Improve Me is on extreme lockdown. If you happen to stumble across it while trawling the world wide web, do give me a shout – it’s an ace song, and it’s going to be massive.


Listen to the track here, or here for a radio rip from Lauren Laverne’s Radio 6 show.