Oh hello, love-of-my-life

Now, if you ask anyone knows me to share a thing or two about auld muggins (that’s me), they’ll probably tell you at some point that I’m a big fan of all things religious.

Nope, I don’t hang out at the church on Sundays, and yes, I’m sorry to say, the lord’s name is often used in vain, but if there’s one thing that I couldn’t love more, it’s a good old cross.

I’ve no doubt that this obsession has something to do with my 80s Madonna-worshipping self, complete with back-combed boufant hair and ra-ra mini skirt (cue those same friends probably saying nothing’s changed on that front) – but there’s a much more to it than that.

My lovely father, the one who has a penchant for talking gobbledygook (which I happen to love and I know my mum does too) also holds great affection for the cross in all its shapes, sizes and numerous incarnations.

In fact, the man has – for as long as I can remember – been curating quite an enviable collection of crosses which now adorn the hall wall, and each time I return home I think “One day, you will all be mine, miiiiiiinne!”.

For now, I have to make do with my own small but growing collection (mainly of rosaries) and the most incredible pair of new shorts purchased today. Thank you Wildfox, these could not be more me and despite the pocket-pinching price, I can honestly say that I’m hopelessly head-over-heels with them.


dad's crosses

Wildfox cross embellished shorts

dad's crosses