California dreaming

This list of swoon-worthy American brands I own is booming – first, it was Spanish Moss – the site that not only sells some of the best vintage pieces that I’ve seen in a long time (if a little overpriced), but also exudes an air of raw femininity.

For a good decade or so I’ve lusted over the hippy-fied Free People, then there’s Novella Royale – the environmentally-aware brand that have me dribbling daily. And now? Oh, it’s just this utterly amazing discovery named Reliquary. The San Francisco-based fashion brand stock everything from 60s-inspired shift dresses to jewellery that’s quite literally to-die-for. It seems I wholly underestimated our American friends’ penchant for style.

As I said, the list of state-side brands I’m watching just keeps on growing – if only the accessibility of their collections did too. Short of hoping on a flight (or paying ridiculous import taxes) these stores remain as inspiration – for now.

Spanish Moss Vintage

Novella Royale Clothing