Arm candy (that’s ethical, too)

This little treat arrived in the post today. A travelling, trackable wrist accoutrement that’s not only ethically-sourced and utterly beautiful, but is also designed to encourage global acts of kindness.

Band 4 Hope are responsible for its conception – a team that’s formed of the fair trade warriors Lachlan McWilliam, Miriam McWilliam, Hamish McWilliam, and Lucie Gait. Their collective project is genius – buy a bracelet, do a good deed, then pass the bracelet on and inspire the next wearer to do good too. Better still, each bracelet can be tracked as it moves from person to person, while all acts of kindness can also be documented.

The bracelet itself is nothing short of a work of art – hand-crafted copper and zinc is embossed with what at first glance looks like a chic geometric design. Closer inspection reveals that the shapes actually read ‘Band 4 Hope’. Smart.

So where did the idea come from? Lachlan and team discovered a group of artisans creating the bracelets in Southern Africa and wanted to help them reach a wider audience. The Band 4 Hope idea was born to showcase the makers work and also to inspire each of us to spread a little good throughout the world, however small.

I’ve done my bit, won’t you do yours, too?