Fresh outta the frying pan

Sunday morning. I’m hungry. The boy? ‘Hungry’ doesn’t even touch the sides.

In order to satisfy our rumbling bellies, we headed to M1lk in Balham, the one-time greasy spoon ‘Bistro’ which I’d tried, tested and hated.

Thankfully, new owners have taken over the corner-cafe and despite it dripping of ‘hip’ – more undercuts than you can shake a stick at – I’m pleased to say, it was an all-round belly-pleasing experience. From the delicious Kurdish baked eggs with roasted butternut squash, feta and sage, to the smoothies served in vintage Dairy Crest bottles, my belly, boy and I were very happy customers.

Both of us and our eyes-bigger-than-bellies look forward to testing out the rest of the menu. For now, I’ll be trying out my own interpretation of the Kurdish fare, most likely giving Salad Days, Offal Night’s recipe a whirl. Wish me luck.

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