In need of a name

A belated post of sorts yep, but I was lucky enough to be given this beautiful vintage record player as a Christmas gift.

She was generously given to me by someone special whom not only tracked her down, but painstakingly restored her; taking her to bits and soldering, de-rusting her amongst more laborious tasks I’m sure. She now plays like a dream, with authentic, heart-warming crackles to boot.

There’s only one problem – she’s in need of a name. Charming as the restorer is, he affectionately called her Barbara, but I’m not sure that’s quite right – you know when you just can’t get that one ‘Barbara’ you know out of your head?

Penny is the name that I keep umming and ahhing over, yet I’m not entirely sold on that either so I’m opening this up to you.

What should this crimson beauty be named? Suggestions encouraged below…

Meter 005

Meter 004