An angst-relieving anthem (or 12)

‘Life events’. Ahhh, man. Sometimes, they’re a real bitch.

Thank goodness then, for running. For yoga, meditation… and music. Big, artery pumping MUSIC. Where would we be without it? Especially when superwoman stars like Sia belt out empowering stuff like, “I’m so confident, I’m unstoppable today”. And, “I sing for love, I sing for me”, “I shout it out like a bird set free”.

Sia. What a woman. I’ve always been onside, but her album ‘This Is Acting’ is a 12-track secret weapon. Feeling hurt? Have an unruly amount of anger? Consider This Is Acting your ultimate animosity hit man. Every song is an Elastoplast for the heartbroken and hard done by. And so much more than simply a quick fix, these anthems dissipate despair and HEAL wounds – even really icky weepy ones.

Sia’s right up there with Madonna for me; an inspirational role model who gives zero f****. (Talking of giving that little, see M’s own Met Ball snap below). These powerful women show us other gals the way when we’re lost. They never shy from anything – and WHY should they? WHY should WE?

Women, we are stronger than we will ever truly realise. And in our moments of inevitable, irrational doubt, we can turn to music. Really f****** awesome music. Songs like Sia’s Bird Set Free and Madonna’s Unapologetic Bitch are there for us to make our own as we see fit. They help us rediscover our strength when we need it most. They remind us that we’re made of tougher stuff – that we genuinely are, UNSTOPPABLE.


Wait… what? You haven’t already got Madonna’s Rebel Heart and Sia’s This Is Acting? Go buy them. You will not regret it.