Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky (Hudson Mohawke remix)

Cruising maybe 35,000 ft above the grime and grind of North India. Happy about heading south (with no other agenda than to unwind when I got there). And then THIS song kicked-in as the pilot began his descent. SO GOOD!
I realised I was something I hadn’t been for a lonnnng time. (I’d been ill, tired, generally run down). But the truth was more likely that I’d simply forgotten to notice.
I felt relaxed. I was happy. And I promised myself I’d spot this more.
Tonight I did. As shuffle served up the same song. Not on an airplane. (Though somewhat at altitude should you consider living on the 5th floor ‘up in the gods’).
Listening to that bone-chilling shrrrrrilllll. Feeling the vibrations roll and crash (it was loud!). Visible euphoria surged from my lips like an ink spill. 
Long may this song bring this moment back. And may I notice every mini moment like this. Time and again.
Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 20.18.45.png