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tschüss! launches on ASOS Marketplace

First our in-house label, tschüss!, opened a shop upon Etsy; now we’re rather excited to share with you that we’ve just launched on ASOS Marketplace. You’ll find the lovely Karen (whom happens to… Continue reading

Sneak-peek: more tschüss! prints and a new design

It’s fair to say we’ve been rather busy here at Tinker-Tailor; we’re just about to update our Etsy shop with four new blouses featuring one-of-a-kind print combinations and the first tschüss! dress – exciting… Continue reading

Introducing tschüss!

It was a cold January day strolling through the Marais in Paris when our label tschüss! first came to life. This was four years ago, when a vintage blouse bought within the architectural district… Continue reading