Mark Knight & Funkagenda – Man With A Red Face

Having just spend the last four days in Ibiza, the first things I did when I got home were; a) crawl into bed and attempt to sleep b) search for flights back c) begin the ritual internet trawl to track down the theme tune to my trip.

Three years ago, I flew to Ibiza for the first time. This August, my flying visit was a very different experience in more ways than one; with some of the details it feels only decent to spare you. But most impressively, I managed to trace the two tracks that sum up Ibiza ‘08 to me in one afternoon as opposed to almost two years!

We Love Sundays at Space exceeded every expectation I had (well worth the three year wait after missing it the first time round). Sunday night, complete with almost twelve hours of solid dancing, sealed my love for Mark Knight & Funkagenda’s version of Laurent Garnier’s Man With A Red Face’.

I’d heard this track before and liked it but had no idea who it was or how truly amazing it could sound pumping out of ridiculously large speakers on the Space terrace. The sound of aeroplanes ripping over the sky above only added to the unforgettable experience. Download it, crank it up and give it a chance to warm up. I’m pretty sure you don’t need to be anywhere near as much of a dance fan as me to love this sun-drenched track. 

I was surprised that finding the second soundtrack to my Ibiza wasn’t more difficult. With Ibiza being notorious for debuting outstanding dance tracks months in advance of their release, I wasn’t sure I’d manage to find either of these tracks. What on earth did we do before the days of You Tube? I appreciate this one’s not for everyone – infact my friend said it reminded her of one of those cymbal bashing monkeys (which incidentally it really does) but Be by Steve Angello featuring Laidback Luke takes second place on my soundtrack to Ibiza 08. Granted, it sounds better at an obscene volume in a packed club with a glittering light show but it’s still got my vote.

Try it out for yourself, if you don’t like it, at least the picture of the monkey and his cymbals might bring a smile to your face. 



Man With A Red Face can be downloaded at MOS here.