Transform – Transformation (Tobi Neumann Matthew Styles Mix)

Since returning from Ibiza, I’d somehow forgotten to look up the tune that became the soundtrack to my holiday. Going by last year’s effort, that’s quite out of character too…

Fear not, last night, a friend sent me a link to a song he wanted me to listen to…and there it was. Funny how things have a way of finding you sometimes.

Transformation by German duo Transform (Ralf Hertwig & Tommy Eckart), features a gradual build up of trance like tech beats and unless my memory fails me, (pun unintended), I’m pretty sure this was also played at a particularly special night at Amnesia.

Whilst maybe not an immediate favourite for me, give it a shot and let its haunting sound take you on a journey that convinces you otherwise. For me, it’s this plus the dulcet tones of a ‘voice you could marry’ (according to some who clearly should have gone to bed earlier), that makes me love it and will always remind me of the fun had by all on the Bon Sol bal ‘cony’, Playa D’en Bossa.