Minty dribbles, opposite elbows & finger popping.

In anticipation to turning twenty-nine, a lovely lady in the office gave me a very thoughtful birthday gift in advance to the actual day.  Not only was it a kind thought and very useful but it had been careful considered after listening to my weird and wonderful witterings in the office – which I’m sure only serve to make me appear even more ‘eclectic’…or just; super weird.

Probably more regularly than realised, I’ve shared my rather odd idiosyracies with more than one person in the office.  You know, the ones that everyone has like being adverse to toast crumbs in the bed, finger nails on blackboards and similar stuff.

The gift in question was bought to counter act one of my most hated encounters – tooth brush holders.  Pots, glasses or cups, each toothbrush holder not only holds the aforementioned brush, but a collection of all of those ‘minty’ dribbles that congeal to its base.  Wash it or not – lets be honest, they’re pretty gross. 

So, before I go on to reveal any more weird and wonderfully bizarre facts about the oddities of me (I’ll leave out the opposite elbows for your sanity), I would like to thank my friend Elisabeth for allowing me not to have to encounter the shivers each time I brush my teeth by buying me this cleverly designed little toothbrush holder, designed by Live Different and purchased from none other than my favourite place, the Design Museum.

Here’s to no more minty dribbles.


The little man in action