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Introducing tschüss!

It was a cold January day strolling through the Marais in Paris when our label tschüss! first came to life. This was four years ago, when a vintage blouse bought within the architectural district… Continue reading

Dear Santa… let me introduce you to STIKA

Yesterday I was strolling around Spitalfields market, hopping in and out of places like Lineage of Influence‘s beloved Albam, and into the similar store, Number Six. It was here that I discovered (and… Continue reading

Inspiration is served

The last breakfast…

Today is D day. D meaning dentists and the extraction of one of two remaining wisdom teeth (said wisdom staying firmly in place, I hope). So in a bid towards a memorable last… Continue reading

A crafty lady named Messy Jesse

In the Eco Office, it would seem we’re a bit of a creative bunch. Between us, we have photographers, writers, bloggers, musicians and even a gymnast! The most common pastime, however, would appear… Continue reading

How to manifest happiness

Shared from mother to daughter, and now, from daughter to you… The A – Z of living happy Accept yourself – Accept others – Appreciate each other – and have Adventures. Breathe deeply… Continue reading

Be the best you can be, be a pioneer

Check out this incredible short film made by the iconic denim brand Levis and directed by Australian Screenwriter John Hillcoat (director of 2009 film The Road). The message is simple: be inspired, be the… Continue reading

Let your heart and imagination wander…


Gin, mushroom sandwiches and a little bit of denim

The lovely Robert from lineageofinfluence invited me to’s denim bar launch party last night so with him being my good friend and all, it was a little bit rude not too really.… Continue reading

From The Post Bag

Look what arrived. A smart piece of advertising from domestic goddesses Homebirds. Pretty cool huh? Want to know what’s been in the post bag in the past? Look no further than here.

From The Post Bag

Happy First Birthday Tinker-Tailor-Soldier-Sailor

Twelve months of music recommendations, 365 days of fashion tip-offs, 8765 hours and 81 minutes (well, almost) of art reviews – it’s officially time to say happy first birthday Tinker-Tailor-Soldier-Sailor! It was exactly one year… Continue reading

Breaking News: Eco Bag To Save Global Economy

Look what arrived in the post today.  A re-usable bag with slightly more than an ecological message… A friend recently loaded a picture of this lovely little bag on Facebook.  Turns out it’s… Continue reading

End premature ripening, irregular shaping and fruit shaped trauma with Bananaguard

  Ever wondered how to stop your banana getting battered, bruised and liquifying en-route to work or school?  ‘Passionate purple’, ‘mellow yellow’, ‘sublime green’ or glow in the dark (because everyone looses their… Continue reading

Minty dribbles, opposite elbows & finger popping.

In anticipation to turning twenty-nine, a lovely lady in the office gave me a very thoughtful birthday gift in advance to the actual day.  Not only was it a kind thought and very… Continue reading

What does my homepage look like? #2

Thanks to a very lovely (and rather web savy) friend, I found out about wordle.  It’s a very simple but kooky little site with not much purpose other than to take your blog or… Continue reading