ASOS Magazine Goes Digital

I’m very pleased to share the news that ASOS have launched a digital version of their hugely successful magazine and for extra brownie points; they’ve even made it clickable.

A fun, fashionable and clued-up read it’s one the few brands that have successfully delivered the ‘magalogue’ concept combining editorial and mail order.  As a regular ASOS reader, it’s probably the only shamless marketing tool I’ve actually ever bothered updating my details for if I’ve moved address. That in itself is one mean feat conquered for any direct marketer.

Covering everything from hot hotels around the world to menswear, the requisite dose of celebrity spotting and of course, their latest and greatest garms; ASOS have yet again sealed their bid to become a super brand by stepping up the competition and launching the magazine online.  As a rapidly growing trend to move from print to web, this is something that many brands would like to commandeer; however due to technical issues and often expensive software design provided from masters of the e-catalogue Scene7 or Think Tank it’s still a form of media that not everyone is quite ready to embrace. 

Historically speaking, digital magazines can be a bit risky in terms of functionality; they may look great but if you can’t physically turn the pages at the click of a mouse, then reading them can become cumbersome.  However, ASOS have been clued up enough to design three ways to read the brochure; turn the pages by clicking and dragging your mouse as you would do a real magazine, click the next (or back) button or more standard, download the PDF version. Have a look at their flat plan here.  A really cool piece of design, thumbnail pagination of the magazine can be directly clicked into enabling the customer to literally buy off the page, serving to up the ante on their desired magalogue theme.  Just one question, why does it link to a US version of the site and show the price in dollars?  Surely a schoolboy error and unless you’re a hardcore fashionista in need your latest fashion fix, it might put you off.  Well, maybe if it wasn’t ASOS.

So well done ASOS, who deserve a gold star and a bottle of champagne to congratulate them on doing a very good job at something few have had the confidence or finance to invest in.

Now if only they’d sort out their product codes in the magazine not working online…