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Career spotlight: Soldiersailor in the hot seat

Every once in a while, it’s highly recommended to stop completely and take check of what’s going on in your world, or rather – career. This is exactly what I did on reading… Continue reading

We’ve been talking…you better get blogging

I haven’t met a blogger yet that’s not guilty of finding an excuse to prevent them from keeping their blog up to date; myself included.  So when I gasped in horror today as… Continue reading

Nastygal opens first US store

Across the pond, there’s good news.   Much loved vintage brand NastyGal are opening their very first store in Berkeley, California. Mentioned before on Tinker Tailor, NastyGal are a haven for all things vintage and… Continue reading

Meme: Seven things you didn’t (want to) know about me.

I hadn’t heard the term meme until earlier this evening when a friend tagged me into one.  So, after discovering that a meme is essentially a digital chain letter, be it a photoshopped… Continue reading

Sunday Surgery: Radio One enlightens those in the dark to the world of depression

  Winding down on a Sunday evening, I put the radio on last night in time to catch the last hour or so of Radio One’s Sunday Surgery.  No stranger to the show,… Continue reading

ASOS Magazine Goes Digital

I’m very pleased to share the news that ASOS have launched a digital version of their hugely successful magazine and for extra brownie points; they’ve even made it clickable. A fun, fashionable and… Continue reading

Update your cool with

After a particularly awful week (and it’s only Thursday) I discovered yearbookyourself  – the perfect antidote.               It’s a really simple website that requires you to load a photograph of anyone you’d care to… Continue reading

Does social networking hamper our ability to bond?

I recently met someone who blogs practically for a living, which then provoked me to consider if all of the social marketing activity happening in this technology obsessed world, detracts from us being… Continue reading