Scar 3D – Slasher horror just got a whole lot scarier

As a bit of a horror film enthusiast, imagine my excitement in discovering that in January, the first horror film in 3D will be released. 


Scar 3D is due to hit the cinemas in January 2009 and has been filmed using cutting edge Real D technology, enabling it to be shown in High Definition live-action 3D.  If you’re a horror fan (and I don’t know many other than myself), it’s worth checking out the website here for all sorts of ‘making of’ and post production stills.  With a z list cast and fairly unknown filmmakers including director Jed Weintrob (sorry who? I doubt many of you will remember his 1994 film Pumpkinhead II), this is definitely a flick to check out simply for it’s gory cutting edge technology – including ‘spraying’ the audience in blood.  Roll on January…here’s hoping it lives up to the hype.