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Fix your grammar

Internet puppets Fafa The Groundhog, Mario and Johnny T of Glove and Boots break it down.

In love with Orla

There’s something magical about Orla Kiely’s mini movies. Each one has a certain soft-dreaminess to them that somehow catapults you back to the mid 60s. Naturally, the label’s iconic designs assist. “Dear Diary”,… Continue reading

Quit your job. Follow your dreams.

That statement holds true for this week… I’ve thought it, had it said to me, and have uttered the words to at least one other. Thanks to the Brooklyn-based band Baby Alpaca, I’ve… Continue reading

Wild, wonderful beauty

There are few things I love more than the wild beauty of the horse. I’m far from alone though; culture community Nowness recently collaborated with filmaker Glen Milner to capture these fascinating beasts… Continue reading

Beginners: a tale of love and uncertainty

hope love trust friendship failure loss partnership laughter

An evening with men on the moon

Last weekend, I spent a day in blistering sunshine dancing to techno at Green and Blue festival in Frankfurt. In stark contrast, this Wednesday saw me taking my seat at London’s Queen Elizabeth… Continue reading

Be the best you can be, be a pioneer

Check out this incredible short film made by the iconic denim brand Levis and directed by Australian Screenwriter John Hillcoat (director of 2009 film The Road). The message is simple: be inspired, be the… Continue reading

What’s your guilty secret?

Whilst i’m not one to be shy so to speak, there’s a certain prerequisite in society that prevents people from being their true self a lot of the time. At work, in the presence… Continue reading

It’s not that he’s not into you, It’s just not that good a film.

  I was reading the book almost four years ago at a time when i was in the midst meeting someone that really was that into me – according to ‘The Book’.  So,… Continue reading

Screw chocolate. Make February 14th one to remember with My Bloody Valentine – 3D.

Ok, so the plot is guaranteed to be horrific (and i don’t mean scary) but anyone who knows me will testify to how much of an over enthusiastic horror fan i am.  So, it’s… Continue reading

Scar 3D – Slasher horror just got a whole lot scarier

As a bit of a horror film enthusiast, imagine my excitement in discovering that in January, the first horror film in 3D will be released.    Scar 3D is due to hit the… Continue reading