To brogue or not to brogue?

To brogue or not to brogue?  Vote your opinion here.Amongst the platform, shoe-boot and plimsoll, the brogue is making a come back.

I’ve always been a fan of the classic men’s Bugsy Malone brogue (as pictured to your left) and in fact, do own a pair of dolly shoes in a similar guise.  Note to self…do rake them out of the seven billion other pairs of unworn shoes.   But the bog standard brogue?  

It’s been a fear of mine throughout growing up; i always thought the brogue was the sign of a boring person.  Shallow?  Me?  Of course not.

Now, cool cats and hip east enders have adopted the humble brogue as a replacement to their winkle picking vintage chelsea boots and plimsolls.  And, soaring rapidly in the style stakes, their becoming more and more available in everything from classic tan to snake skin and metallics.  We’re even seeing the return of a rather ghastly trend, the Loafer, thanks to Alexa Chung and Topshop.  

I do however have a confession to make, after spending the best of my teens boycotting the brogue, i might have happened to have er, bought a pair.  Cue exhibit A.


Exhibit A

Exhibit A


So, my question is; To brogue or not to brogue?  What do you think?  You the fashion jury, can have your say here by hitting the voting buttons below.  Is it a trend that unless you’re sixteen and achingly cool you should step carefully away from or is is it something any age can work?  Yet to pair it with the countless (often unworn) possibilities of my vintage wardrobe, i can already see the versatility and longevity of my new tan, (oh yeah, classic) brogues.  But before slipping them on and into potential fashion victimitis, i’d like to hear your views.