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Tomorrow: £5 Facebook sale

We’re having a proper clear out here at Tinker Tailor so at 7 p.m. GMT, Monday 26th August – that’s TOMORROW – we will be having a £5 sale on Facebook. What will… Continue reading

Sneak-peek: more tschüss! prints and a new design

It’s fair to say we’ve been rather busy here at Tinker-Tailor; we’re just about to update our Etsy shop with four new blouses featuring one-of-a-kind print combinations and the first tschüss! dress – exciting… Continue reading

A sneak-peek at what’s up for grabs

This time next week we’ll be setting up shop at The Vintage Event at Balham Bowls Club. For now, we’ve been sifting and sorting so that we bring along the best possible pieces… Continue reading

The Doors – Love Street

People have told me countless times that I’m, “A bit of a hippie at heart”. The thing is, I never, ever really thought that myself. It’s taken me over thirty years – and one… Continue reading

Saturday at the BBC

Yesterday Jess from Roamkix and I headed down to the Balham Bowls Club (sorry, not the television network!) for The Vintage Event. Since their first event in August, they’ve commandeered the upstairs of the pub too so… Continue reading

Today’s pick from Roamkix

Navy Ditsy Floral Shift …available to buy this Saturday at the Vintage Event, Balham (or if you can’t wait, here!)

Today’s pick from TTSS’s private collection

White Vintage Heels …available to buy this Saturday at the Vintage Event, Balham.

Today’s pick from Roamkix

Daisy Print Floral Vintage Dress …available to buy this Saturday at the Vintage Event, Balham (or if you can’t wait, here!)      

The Vintage Event at Balham Bowls Club

As the sun shines and Londoners put the riots to the back of their minds, today was a day of celebration for all – at least in Balham, where the Vintage Event came… Continue reading

The best of Balham

I first started compiling this list as a welcome to Balham for my friend Cat. As I was thinking about places to recommend to her, I realised just how good the area I… Continue reading

Thirty minutes with MINT Vintage’s James Wright

Meet James. He’s a fan of nipple tassels, relishes the opportunity to dress like a 90’s drug dealer, and is the man behind the vintage wonderland that is MINT Vintage in Covent Garden,… Continue reading

A long-standing love affair

I freely admit it—I’m having an affair. A very long, lustful liaison that’s turned me into a lumberjack shirt hoarder. Take a look below to see exactly what’s sneaked into my wardrobe since… Continue reading

Nastygal opens first US store

Across the pond, there’s good news.   Much loved vintage brand NastyGal are opening their very first store in Berkeley, California. Mentioned before on Tinker Tailor, NastyGal are a haven for all things vintage and… Continue reading

To brogue or not to brogue?

Amongst the platform, shoe-boot and plimsoll, the brogue is making a come back. I’ve always been a fan of the classic men’s Bugsy Malone brogue (as pictured to your left) and in fact,… Continue reading