Lace, Love and Louis de Gama


A long time ago, I heard about someone who was making dresses out of old lace curtains.  Yesterday, I found Louis de Gama’s shop on Cheshire Street in London.  Jackpot.

There’s four simple words I’d use to describe these dresses: I.  Want. Them. All.

Made from soft flowing silk in nude shades, black satins, leather and the most incredible pieces of vintage lace adorning them, I have found my new home in the heart of the east end.  If someone said, “what brand embodies you?”, in a bat of an eyelash i would reply Louis de Gama.  With it’s nude pallette, vintage lace and draping shapes it quite simply, couldn’t be more me.  

The brand was established in 2000 (I can’t quite believe I’ve been missing out for so long) and the very same year, the entire first collection was bought by Browns on South Molton Street.   Although price may be not on a par with the likes of top designers (as yet), LDG designs still don’t come cheap.  They start at about £60 and range to about £350 for a piece that was almost too precious to wear and would probably have demanded a frame on the wall.  There was one dress, in an almost skin colour with patched lace that was love at first sight for me and quickly put my fleshy coloured, lace trimmed Notting-Hill find to embarrassing shame.  It was actually from the SS08 collection according to their website.  However, at £185, my portobello dress (resembling not much more than a nightie), will have to fill the Louis de Gama dress’s shoes and the hole in my heart for the foreseeable future.

If you haven’t heard of Louis de Gama as yet, you should definitely check the boutique out.  For now, I will be plotting and planning ways to scrape together £185 for a dress that simply ought to have pride of place in my vintage-stuffed wardrobe.