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A sneak-peek at what’s up for grabs

This time next week we’ll be setting up shop at The Vintage Event at Balham Bowls Club. For now, we’ve been sifting and sorting so that we bring along the best possible pieces… Continue reading

The Doors – Love Street

People have told me countless times that I’m, “A bit of a hippie at heart”. The thing is, I never, ever really thought that myself. It’s taken me over thirty years – and one… Continue reading

Things I’m grateful for (from the weekend)

Sipping really great coffee Finding the perfect polka dot dress Spending time at home Letting someone else own my beautiful vintage boots Being woken up by someone I care about   What are… Continue reading

Saturday at the BBC

Yesterday Jess from Roamkix and I headed down to the Balham Bowls Club (sorry, not the television network!) for The Vintage Event. Since their first event in August, they’ve commandeered the upstairs of the pub too so… Continue reading

Today’s pick from Roamkix

Navy Ditsy Floral Shift …available to buy this Saturday at the Vintage Event, Balham (or if you can’t wait, here!)

Today’s pick from TTSS’s private collection

White Vintage Heels …available to buy this Saturday at the Vintage Event, Balham.

Today’s pick from Roamkix

Daisy Print Floral Vintage Dress …available to buy this Saturday at the Vintage Event, Balham (or if you can’t wait, here!)      

The Vintage Event at Balham Bowls Club

As the sun shines and Londoners put the riots to the back of their minds, today was a day of celebration for all – at least in Balham, where the Vintage Event came… Continue reading

Love Thy Vintage

A few of the lovely ladies in The Fashion Office often comment on how many vintage dresses I own which made me realise quite how much of a retro hoarder i am. So… Continue reading

Nastygal opens first US store

Across the pond, there’s good news.   Much loved vintage brand NastyGal are opening their very first store in Berkeley, California. Mentioned before on Tinker Tailor, NastyGal are a haven for all things vintage and… Continue reading

Lace, Love and Louis de Gama

A long time ago, I heard about someone who was making dresses out of old lace curtains.  Yesterday, I found Louis de Gama’s shop on Cheshire Street in London.  Jackpot. There’s four simple… Continue reading

Meme: Seven things you didn’t (want to) know about me.

I hadn’t heard the term meme until earlier this evening when a friend tagged me into one.  So, after discovering that a meme is essentially a digital chain letter, be it a photoshopped… Continue reading