We’ve been talking…you better get blogging


I haven’t met a blogger yet that’s not guilty of finding an excuse to prevent them from keeping their blog up to date; myself included.  So when I gasped in horror today as a colleague told me they hadn’t written a post in almost five months, I also drew a silent sigh of relief thinking that for the majority of the time, I’ve kept the soldiersailor ‘mantra’ of at least one post per week.

The discussion of posting regularity was followed up with the ‘guilty as charged’ blogger emailing me the above photo. Her friends sent it to her so she’d er, get the message.  They clearly think highly of her writing and want to see more.  Even though i’ve yet to see her posts, her friends are right and a bit of friendly encouragement can go a long way to keeping the (often easily deflated) blogging momentum up.  

Part of the conversation included a mutual agreement that  blogging ‘aint for the lighthearted or non-committed.  It does indeed take work.  A lot.

In respect to this point, and as a devotee to quality rather than quantity when it comes to Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor, a soldiersailor post will never not be researched.  This may mean that although posts may not come thick and fast, they will never not be thorough and with a bit of luck, will consistently deliver compelling reading.  Therefore, and in an ever so slightly contradictory nature to the definition of a blog – “a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video” – (thanks Wikipedia), Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor will continue to be updated with what I (soldiersailor) define as full length features.  Articles, editorials, chapters, whatever you like to call them, they are not snippets of fast and fickle information but full pieces of work in their own right.

Thanks to today’s office chat and the new found support of a team of fellow (and very fashionably bloggers), I’m pleased to have discovered a renewed lease of life and reaffirmed commitment to Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor  – which was far from ever failing.  For those both new and old to TTSS, welcome – stay tuned, watch this space…a bit of an overhaul in commitment is winging it’s way to you bringing you only the very best in vintage clothing, electro music, film and fashion all rolled into one – even more regularly.  

As it says on the tin (or rather in my ‘about’ page) “hopefully you’ll find something new here, from a collection of my findings, that perks up your ears, eyes and outlook on life”.

So why not stay tuned for the next soldiersailor episode?