CR2 Records Crank Up The Competition With 20th Anniversary Space ’09 Release

CR2 Records Space 2009 mixed by MYNC

Each year, there’s a veritable choice of Ibiza compilations to choose from.  Whilst I’m a big Azuli fan, a sample CD made its way to me last year to prove there’s only really one go-to label to wind you up for the White Isle, and keep you going long after a hedonistic week.  Who? Independent house label CR2 Records.

This year, the landmark club Space celebrates its twentieth birthday and to mark the occasion, they’ve chosen CR2’s founder Mark Brown (one half of DJ duo MYNC project), and his partner in crime Nick Corelli to present the Space 2009 CD.  Thanks to Facebook, I was sent a message to notify me the album had been released and as a music junkie and Space fanatic, I was unable to contain my enthusiasm.  What’s more, a lovely lady named Cila from their PR team then discovered Tinker Tailor and contacted me just in time to send me said compilation.  I’m thrilled to say, as I listen now, I was right to be excited.

Here’s why: less than two minutes into La Terraza (disc one) – I’m hooked.  Seamless mixing, heart-pounding beats and baselines are peppered with classic tunes that hurl me back to my house-bunny teens.  Brown and Corelli excel themselves in mixing three decades of classics such as David Morales’s Needin’ You, Lee Cabrera’s infamous Shake It and Analog People In A Digital World (featuring and titled after St Germain’s timeless Rose Rouge). The result?  The best selection of tracks I’ve heard in a very long time.  All 108 minutes has got me fired up, ready for my Balearic getaway (visible somewhere on the horizon), and eager to track down each and every song to mix myself.  At only halfway through listening, I’m already thinking that if this year’s compilation is anything to go by, on September 6th, I will not be leaving the Space dance floor. Period.

Part two, La Discoteca, opens with ‘The Crawl’ by Harry Choo Choo Romero vs Nick & Danny Chatelain, and whilst mirroring the tracks name (things take a while to warm up), the underlying addictive beats ensure your anticipation is cranked so high, you know it’ll be worth the wait.  Enter just enough and no more of the key beats from Faithless’s We Come One. This remixed version by Bobby Tee and Juan Kidd is by far my most loved track of the moment and destined to be absolutely massive.  Is it appropriate to prematurely thank CR2 now?

Things take a darker turn as disc two continues with a slathering of tech, trance and minimal vocals, before sneaking in Simian Mobile Disco’s super-track, Audacity Of Huge.  As if I needed anymore convincing to love the Space ’09 CD, there’s a bit of Pryda on the menu too and a brilliant stripped back version of Underworld’s Long Train by Petrae Foy & PJC Project.  Who’d have thought the 90s could sound so cool?  If you manage to track down the extended version, make sure you don’t miss the last twenty seconds of the track too – quite simply, they’re amazing.

With a winning formula of old, classic and stomping new house tracks and the entrancing beats Space are known for, (those that race through your body and glue you to the dance floor); CR2 have done the club proud by producing the ultimate download.  Whether like me, you are making your way out to Ibiza for the closing parties, have been or are already booked for next season, this essential mix guarantees catapulting you instantly to the otherworldly, unforgettable experience that is Space.

Thanks to Cila for kindly sending my way the perfect soundtrack to to my Ibiza trip and what’s likely to be my biggest and best birthday yet.  With music this good, it’s definitely going to be one to remember…