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Love vintage? Look no further

with thanks to Jess for the lovely graphics!

Blingin’ business cards

Our new brand identity – what do you think? We’re slightly in love…   With much love to Samuel the Mule Mathews for his endless patience, creative genius and all-round niceness.  

Saturday at the BBC

Yesterday Jess from Roamkix and I headed down to the Balham Bowls Club (sorry, not the television network!) for The Vintage Event. Since their first event in August, they’ve commandeered the upstairs of the pub too so… Continue reading

A bit of sweet house music

On the hunt for some new tunes last night, I was flicking through the many that had been sent my way. Sadly, there was a distinct lack of ear-pricking-up which prompted me to… Continue reading

Double Trouble celebrate Rhythmatic’s 3rd birthday with headliner Marco Carola

On sitting down in a café in Spitalfields, it’s immediately hard not to be charmed by Kiri and Kostas Poulos. Brothers, twins and rock solid friends, the duo also go by the name of… Continue reading

Career spotlight: Soldiersailor in the hot seat

Every once in a while, it’s highly recommended to stop completely and take check of what’s going on in your world, or rather – career. This is exactly what I did on reading… Continue reading

Gin, mushroom sandwiches and a little bit of denim

The lovely Robert from lineageofinfluence invited me to my-wardrobe.com’s denim bar launch party last night so with him being my good friend and all, it was a little bit rude not too really.… Continue reading

The Fashion Office Recommends…Goodbye Songs

This week we are dedicated this week’s Fashion Office Recommends to Goodbye Songs as it’s sadly Sartoriology’s turn yell “Because I’m Leaving!” at the top of her voice. So while the lovely lady herself… Continue reading

The Fashion Office Recommends…Acoustic Songs

Phew, does it want to get any busier in The Fashion Office? It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, but we’re back on track with The Fashion Office Recommends…Acoustic Songs. And, from soothing… Continue reading

The Fashion Office Recommends…Songs About Yellow

It’s been a sunny week in London so this Friday, The Fashion Office’s tunes of choice are all about the colour of those body-warming, mood-lifting rays. Without further adieu, here are our tracks… Continue reading

The Fashion Office Recommends…Karaoke Songs

Thanks to a request from the lovely Ellie who writes Notes on the High Street, this week’s Fashion Office Recommends is dedicated to Karaoke Songs. We’ve picked some blinders too so pick up… Continue reading

The Fashion Office Recommends…Songs about Days

It’s Friday, I’m in love! Who doesn’t like the end of the week? To celebrate, the girls in The Fashion Office have recommended some top tracks all about days/days of the week. Without… Continue reading

The Fashion Office Recommends…First Dance Songs

It’s Friday, the sun is shining and The Fashion Office have moved into their lovely new home, fittingly atop of London’s shopping mecca Westfield. Whilst we’re settling into our new abode, we thought… Continue reading

The Fashion Office Recommends…Novelty Songs

It’s all been a bit crazy in The Fashion Office lately. We’ve barely left our desks and we’re lucky if we’ve said much more than a word or two to each other in… Continue reading

The Fashion Office Recommends…Madonna Songs

Believe it or not, it seems that The Fashion Office have somehow neglected covering Madonna so far (a little like last week’s theme). Possibly a punishable crime, we’re setting about putting our sins right… Continue reading

The Fashion Office Recommends…Songs To Get It On To!

We had to pick sex sooner or later didn’t we? So this week The Fashion Office have carefully selected the tracks they recommend to get you into the groove. The sun is shining, spring has… Continue reading

The Fashion Office Recommends…Summer Songs

Anyone not fed up battling the cold? Didn’t think so. Luckily for you The Fashion Office have chosen their favourite Summer Songs in order to bring a little sunshine your way. Plus, not… Continue reading

The Fashion Office Recommends…Boy Bands

We’ve covered Girl Bands, so naturally it’s the guys turn…not that all things should work that way of course! This week, The Fashion Office is dedicated to Boy Bands so read on to… Continue reading

This Is Me: Rob Sampson

Rob Sampson; London-based Art Director, future Rock Star and Master of the Shoeniverse. In the first of our This Is Me series, we caught up with the man behind lineageofinfluence to find out… Continue reading

The Fashion Office Recommends…Songs Inspired by Sweets

This week we’re feeding our cravings for sugar, spice and all things nice in The Fashion Office Recommends Songs Inspired by Sweets. Here’s what our very own candy girls chose… A Work in… Continue reading