Downpours and inventions at Vintage Goodwood

On Friday afternoon, after a few back seat beers and cheesy poofs, we arrived at Vintage Goodwood just in time for the heavens to open, as if on command and right as we began to pitch our tents. Thankfully, the boys became men (momentarily at least) and allowed us ladies to saunter off in the rain in search of yesteryear’s treasures.

With a bit of careful footing through the mud, we reached the main event where everyone from The Body Shop to Oxfam had created pop-up shops on the festivals retro ‘high-street’. In Oxfam we discovered rails set out by decade which were home to everything from 70s chic chiffon maxi dresses to 50s rockabilly skirts. The prices may have been a little high, but still affordable should you have fallen head over heels with one of the many special pieces.

After the outburst of “There’s hundred’s of vintage stalls over there!” from one of the boys upon their return, we naturally made an instinctual diversion from the high-street like lions chasing gazelle. While his numbers may have been somewhat overstated, we certainly did find some amazing stands where we promptly lost a good few hours and emptied our already well-worn wallets.

One-of-a-kind fashion aside, we played on the vintage cars and scooters like both children and pin-ups (see below). We were also lucky enough to get backstage dressing room passes and got to check out where rock legends Faces got ready for their first performance together in 25 years. As Ronnie Wood, Kenney Jones, Ian McLagan, Mick Hucknall and Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock walked past us, heading towards the stage, we traced their footsteps. However, on arrival at the rear of the main stage, we were quick to decide that for us, it was right in the thick of the crowd that was the only place to be.

Just before laying our heads to rest after a jolly good day, my fellow tent sharer, upon expressing how he could never find anything in his jacket exclaimed; “Wouldn’t it be good if you just had one really big pocket?” To which I responded; “Yeah, with a strap?” His reply; “What, like a bag?!” Had it not been for the fact that we had been long been beaten to it with such an invention (and the copious amounts of vodka, whisky and beer consumed) I could have sworn we were onto something…


vintage goodwood fashion show

Crowd pleasers - vintage fashionistas spotted at Goodwood




vintage cards

Polka dots and pin-ups



vintage goodwood

Smoking smock



Vintage goodwood

Where fairytales are made



Vintage goodwood

Wayne Hemmingway, promising sunshine from 5.30pm onwards



vintage goodwood

From the farm



vintage goodwood

shaggin' wagon?



retro hairstyles

Original up-dos




vintage goodwood fashion show

One true diva



sewing at vintage goodwood

A stitch in time