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Little Black Book: Workshop Brighton

I’ve walked (and jogged) past this store so many times, though until today I haven’t had the chance to stop in for a look. So glad I did. It’s like London’s Labour and Wait… Continue reading

To new beginnings

This post happens to feature one of many firsts: the first of the year; the first published (or at least, written) from my phone; and the first created using wifi – and at… Continue reading

Love in the Cotswolds

into the sea you & me all these years and no-one heard i’ll show you in spring it’s a treacherous thing we missed, you hissed

Road Trip: roaming round Scotland (then home)

scones at Inverary the village at night doin’ time ‘tat’ at Tarbert out fishin’ man carries wood growin’ green the Easter chick gets it… she wore flowers on her hand home is… full… Continue reading

Road Trip: the story so far

Dad in the drivin’ seat uh-oh: accident in the middle of the night… mornin’! home for the next three days welcome to Lochgilphead favours speeches how you know you’re at a Scottish wedding:… Continue reading

What does it take to be the Brightest and Best?

Last July, I found myself sat in a dank, dark subterranean warehouse, with arches overhead, and the smell of damp filling my nostrils. What could simply have been the venue for a techno… Continue reading

For the love of coffee

It’s no secret that piping-hot, thick-as-tar coffee is the way to my heart (well, it sure isn’t now). So when important people in our lives do something so little, yet so thoughtful – like… Continue reading

The makings of a wonderful Christmas…

a long run on a chilly winter’s day seeking out great coffee with the boy finding treasure at Snooper’s Paradise dressing up, heading out indulging in room service …and mum’s mince pies checking… Continue reading

The Vintage Event at Balham Bowls Club

As the sun shines and Londoners put the riots to the back of their minds, today was a day of celebration for all – at least in Balham, where the Vintage Event came… Continue reading

Memories from the past, inspiring hope & happiness in the present

With so much unrest in London and “criminality” unfortunately being the buzz word, I got to thinking that it was high time we were reminded about some of the incredible things we have… Continue reading

What have you done lately?

Made pasta Shopped Taken the tube Watched a play

The best of Balham

I first started compiling this list as a welcome to Balham for my friend Cat. As I was thinking about places to recommend to her, I realised just how good the area I… Continue reading

Drama in Dahab; playground for the weird and wonderful

If you happened to read my last post, you’ll know that I was taking a well earned break over New Year and spending time with camels, Pharaohs and fish in Egypt. The trip… Continue reading

Seeking Shakespeare in the Cotswolds

Downpours and inventions at Vintage Goodwood

On Friday afternoon, after a few back seat beers and cheesy poofs, we arrived at Vintage Goodwood just in time for the heavens to open, as if on command and right as we… Continue reading

Introducing Terry Shakira…


Three Freezing Days in Berlin

Tired of hearing myself utter the words “I really want to go to Berlin”, I set about ticking off my new years resolutions (get to Berlin, go out more, pay off credit card…errr)… Continue reading

The Amnesia I Will Never Forget

Arriving home at 7am yesterday, it really felt like a week in Ibiza had just melted into one as it completely flew by.  However, I’m delighted to say that not only was it… Continue reading

London grinds to a snowy halt

There’s seven inches of crisp, cold snow outside my bedroom window.  So what does that mean?  London grinds to a halt.   Apparently, there are no buses, few tubes running and the majority… Continue reading

The End…of London’s club scene?

Following the announcement The End is to close in January 2009; the ill fate of four more London clubs has been sealed.  Supposedly some of the glitziest clubs of London (and regular hang… Continue reading