The last breakfast…

coffee at caffe vergnanoToday is D day. D meaning dentists and the extraction of one of two remaining wisdom teeth (said wisdom staying firmly in place, I hope).

So in a bid towards a memorable last meal (for a while anyhow), I decided to indulge in one of the amazing looking almond croissants at Caffè Vergnano on Charing Cross Road, where I see the same Italian woman lovingly sprinkle icing sugar over those carefully folded pastries each morning. Without fail, her daily task leaves me both smiling and drooling – a similar state as to what I’m expecting to be in this afternoon, though under considerably different circumstance. With this in mind, it seemed only fair to start the day as it would more than likely go on.

Sadly, the croissant didn’t quite live up to expectations and its deliciously good looks, plus the coffee was near-cold. But all is not lost. Despite the fact I won’t be rushing to swap my am caffeine fix from Prêt (I’m a sucker for the fact that they only use Rachel’s Organic milk) I will continue to enjoy catching a glimpse of the little lady and her daily pastry baking with great affection.

Croissant from Caffe Vergnano