Drama in Dahab; playground for the weird and wonderful

If you happened to read my last post, you’ll know that I was taking a well earned break over New Year and spending time with camels, Pharaohs and fish in Egypt. The trip began in Cairo, where a friend and I spent two sleepless nights embracing the sounds of quadruple lane traffic honking their horns, with us breathing in exhaust fumes and the most polluted air in the world. Top way to unwind.

Once accustomed to the Cairo Cough, we ventured out to The Egyptian Museum which is an awe-inspiring place to say the very least, and not to be missed if you visit the capital yourself. Seeing the world-renowned Tutankhamun’s mask in person was one of the best moments of my two weeks. Of course, like proper tourists we took in the pyramids too, but the holiday really got started when we arrived in the not-so-sleepy dive resort of Dahab. Never did we think such a small, almost falling-apart-at-the-seams town could be filled with so much adventure.

While a good chunk of our time in Dahab was spent hanging out at Yalla Bar on the seafront, we also took to our saddles for a two-hour pony trek and then donned our best Village People-inspired outfits to escape to the desert on quad bikes. After and action-packed start, pretty much the rest of the holiday was spent getting acquainted with the local beer (Sakara), BOGOF White Russians and the odd entire bottle of tequila.

Hangovers aside, nine nights in Dahab is up there with one of the best holidays I’ve ever had, partly due to the company of a bunch of hardcore drinking teachers (whom for obvious reasons, shall remain anonymous), a body building Essex boy with a heart of gold, Vodka Sherberts and everything else that went in-between. For all of our sanity, it’s far better to leave the ‘drama’ of Dahab unpublished. Instead, I’ll leave you with a few shots (of the photography kind) which capture some of the top times of our two weeks in Egypt.

Camel rides at the pyramids of Giza

Break time at the pyramids

The 'sights' of Cairo

Kite surfing in Dahab

Our apartment in Dahab

Sunset at Dahab