A bit of sweet house music

On the hunt for some new tunes last night, I was flicking through the many that had been sent my way. Sadly, there was a distinct lack of ear-pricking-up which prompted me to cast my attention back to 2010 and focus on those numbers I may have missed.

First found was the glittering sounds of ‘Bitter Sweet’ by Bulgarian DJ Kink, released on German imprint liebe * detail. Having bypassed me in a sea of songs (it was released almost exactly a year ago, with ‘Draw Me In’ by Tom Demac on its B side) I’m only too happy to be introduced to it now as opposed to never.

Oh, and then there’s a little track named Nein Mann by Lasercraft 3D. I can’t actually believe this hasn’t already graced the pages of Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor. The song was originally introduced to me by a very good Berlin-based friend. It’s a tale, partly told in fluorescent lights, of a boy who just doesn’t want to stop dancing and it will always remind me of the aforementioned friend, and the rest of my German acquaintances – with special emphasis on their fondness of party after party, after party, after party. With that, this one’s for you boys – watch it on YouTube here.

Happy Friday all.