Crossing this, striking that

Chilling out at Port Eliot festival this weekend, surrounded by a ludicrous amount of creatives, got me thinking it’s about time I got my butt in gear.

There have been so many projects I’ve thought, “I really ought to do that”, “I must start that”, and the biggie: “what exactly am I waiting for?”

With new found inspiration, I’m gonna whack that last piece of logic with a big boot in the balls, and crack on with the following this week:

  1. Get the tschüss pattern going (more on that soon).
  2. Go to the gym at least twice (in the morning, too).
  3. Fix my bike wing mirror so I can see better what’s attempting to run me over.
  4. …On a similar (bike-ish) note – unleash a whole can of whoop-ass on a certain London council.

I’ve put them in print so I’ve gotta do them, right?