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The WEEKEND! And today’s word is…

FRIYAY! Lame. Cliché. But a pretty awesome portmanteau. I love it. Happy Friyay. (Oh, and don’t be a #BlackFriday sucker – do something more thoughtful. Check out what Braintree Clothing and 69b boutique are… Continue reading

Today’s word goes veggie. Or vegan.

A month or so ago I realised I was no longer vegetarian. (I’ve been so for over 20 years). Most of what I eat is, by coincidence, vegan. And less dairy has become… Continue reading

‘SCHLEP’. Quite fitting for Hump Day.

It might quite literally mean, ‘an uphill struggle’, but don’t let today’s #wordoftheday bring you down. We’re half way there folks. Friday is in sight.    

It’s Tuesday. Here’s a word for today.

Well, why not? Somnambulist. (How good is that?). I first came across this one while watching The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a silent German horror film, at London’s Roundhouse. An awesome word and a… Continue reading

Why I’ve decided to create an Affirmation Wall

This idea came to be a few days ago. Motivational quotes come into our lives for moments. They arrive via social media more often than not. They’re something brands are borrowing to relate with audiences – and it… Continue reading


After stepping through the mysterious portal, a whole new world unfolded. Like Alice in Wonderland, everything was new. Where to look first? What magical, otherworldly things would appear? How to ever get back?… Continue reading

What will Brighton be like in 50 years?

The sun is shining. A new-found feeling of excitement fills the air. Seagulls swoop over the warm waves, stealing chips from people just like they always have. And like nothing’s changed. One glance… Continue reading

Words worth remembering… forever

Dolly speaks the truth

The book is ON!

Many, many moons ago I started writing a book. In fact, I probably started contributing to it over two decades ago. And while it’s safe to say that those angst-riddled pages are unlikely… Continue reading

Fix your grammar

Internet puppets Fafa The Groundhog, Mario and Johnny T of Glove and Boots break it down.

A beautiful message

“I know a place where no one ever goes. There’s peace and quiet, beauty and repose. It’s hidden in a valley, behind a mountain stream. And lying there beside the stream I find that… Continue reading

There is nothing more true than this

Although, this hits the nail bang-on-the-head too.

Words. To live by.

If it is right, it happens — the main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.” — John Steinback.  

Wise advice, perfectly timed

Despite their passing over three decades ago, writers Violet Trefusis and Vita Sackville-West have impeccable timing. I’m sat at the Wired Sussex job fair in Brighton and their enlightening words – which just popped… Continue reading

A thought for today (and tomorrow)

Quit your job. Follow your dreams.

That statement holds true for this week… I’ve thought it, had it said to me, and have uttered the words to at least one other. Thanks to the Brooklyn-based band Baby Alpaca, I’ve… Continue reading

What was 2013 like for us?

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor was viewed about 3,400 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 57 trips to carry that many… Continue reading

Food for thought

That is all. Image: I hear noises on Flickr.

Always wandering

“Must learn to daydream less”. The constant comment upon my school reports and nearly 20 years later, little has changed. Today, my head is lost; somewhere up there, drifting through the foggy-grey no-man’s-land… Continue reading