Introducing The 12 Days of Bakemas

Today marks the beginning of two-and-a-bit weeks worth of toothsome delights in the eco office – a.k.a. The 12 Days of Bakemas. 

This involves different members of the team baking on a daily basis and sharing their hand-crafted goodies amongst the rest of us greedy lot.

It’s important to mention that this is not a competition; it’s a sheer, unadulterated excuse for festive fun.

Megan, whom organised Bakemas, kick-started the celebration with her Ginger Snaps, alongside Jen and her Nutella & Sea Salt Cookies, and last – but far from least – Nicole, with her Red Velvet Brownies. We’re off to an impressive start – who knows what tomorrow will bring!

The girls and their baking.

Left to right; Megan, Jen and Nicole.