Bakemas has not been forgotten…

…merely its coverage paused due to illness; yuck.

Here’s what been happening in the Eco Office while I’ve been away (I think – no, I know –  I’ve been sorely missing out).

Day 7 of Bakemas
Holly with her Bakewell Tart, Amanda and her Gingerbread Cookies, and Edith with her double chocolate biscuits.

Holly and Amanda do Bakemas

Edith and her Bakemas treats

Day 8

Jason with his Biscuit and Honeycomb Tiffin and Lai Lee with her Gruyère Biscuits and Jam Cookie Sandwiches.

Jason and Lai Lee

Day 9

Sophie (left), Flo (middle), and Olivia with their respective dishes of Lemon-Iced Snowmen Biscuits, Fig & Chocolate Christmas Mince Pies, and Banoffee Pie.

Bakemas continues

Day 10 

Crystallised Ginger Brownies, crafted by Christina.

Christina's Bakemas

Day 11

Alex with his Surfin’ Snowmen and Megan (her second round) with Glitter-Topped Battenberg.

Alex and Megan's Bakemas

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