Splendid: a celebration of Berlin’s magnificence


Sometimes, life needs a little underground glamour sprinkled upon it; a dash of dandy, a pinch of the paranormal; all served with smatterings of bubbling-beneath-the-surface culture.

That’s exactly what Berlin-based creative duo Mark and Heike are injecting into our worlds – via their new artfully-created online zine, Splendid Berlin.

We elegantly and exclusively document Berlin art, culture and the city’s most bohemian residents who live and think on an international scale. From leading figures in the world of music and culture, to upcoming artists.

English editor Mark, a ‘post-medium’ artist, draws from his vast journalistic experience for the likes of Vice, Stool Pigeon, and the Fortean Times, to curate original interviews (with just as original questions). His striking photography complements his offbeat one-on-ones and supernatural forays perfectly.

bearAlready, Mark and Heike have pinned down Jamie and Alison of The Kills to quiz them about their beliefs on the occult. Bonaparte’s Mollie Black has also been in the hot seat, speaking of what Berlin is to her and of her original style, “I take elements of dance, cabaret, burlesque, sideshow with a big splash of drag queen, mix it in a pot, cook for 20 minutes and there I am.”

German photographer Heike edits the zine in tandem with Mark, adding it to one of many platforms where she showcases her work. Both Bret Anderson (of Suede) and Amy Winehouse have sat for Heike and her work has featured in a variety of titles ranging from The Guardian to NME.


One thing Splendid Berlin has us particularly excited about is the fashion-led exploits of the zine’s style editor BEAR. Which dapper threads will this curiously cute style maven have us coveting? Follow the goings-on at Splendid Berlin to find out.


All images with thanks to Splendid Berlin.