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Inspiration. It’s everywhere

Go for that lunchtime stroll. A walk around the block. Fresh air for five minutes. Your eyes will be opened. Photos taken @Tate Modern.


Quit your job. Follow your dreams.

That statement holds true for this week… I’ve thought it, had it said to me, and have uttered the words to at least one other. Thanks to the Brooklyn-based band Baby Alpaca, I’ve… Continue reading

From this moment on: Mondays become ‘Elvis Days’

Yep, you heard us right. Expect a new photo of the king right here every single week. You’re welcome.

Splendid: a celebration of Berlin’s magnificence

Sometimes, life needs a little underground glamour sprinkled upon it; a dash of dandy, a pinch of the paranormal; all served with smatterings of bubbling-beneath-the-surface culture. That’s exactly what Berlin-based creative duo Mark and Heike… Continue reading

In the nick of time

I’ve been wanting to see Juergen Teller’s Woo! exhibition for longer than I can remember. I finally made my way over there last Saturday, on the show’s penultimate day. When I got there I was… Continue reading

Inspiration everywhere

While waiting for friends yesterday, I hopped into the Courtauld Gallery shop at Somerset House to flick through a few books. My attention was captured by one publication in particular – pictured below. Isn’t it… Continue reading

Walking is for jerks

…at least according to Japanese photographer Natsumi Hayashi. I spotted her inspirational work over on My Modern Met (thanks for sharing, folks) and couldn’t resist from adding a note or two myself. Natsumi… Continue reading

Elements of inspiration

A few things ticking my boxes right now…    

Blingin’ business cards

Our new brand identity – what do you think? We’re slightly in love…   With much love to Samuel the Mule Mathews for his endless patience, creative genius and all-round niceness.  

What does it take to be the Brightest and Best?

Last July, I found myself sat in a dank, dark subterranean warehouse, with arches overhead, and the smell of damp filling my nostrils. What could simply have been the venue for a techno… Continue reading

Beginners: a tale of love and uncertainty

hope love trust friendship failure loss partnership laughter

Dear Santa… let me introduce you to STIKA

Yesterday I was strolling around Spitalfields market, hopping in and out of places like Lineage of Influence‘s beloved Albam, and into the similar store, Number Six. It was here that I discovered (and… Continue reading

An afternoon with Hokusai

Always Marry An April Girl Praise the spells and bless the charms, I found April in my arms. April golden, April cloudy, gracious, cruel, tender, rowdy; April soft in flowered languor, April cold… Continue reading

What have you done lately?

Made pasta Shopped Taken the tube Watched a play

Lost? Positive thinking adds colour to your life

Thanks to Animator and Illustrator Ben Wright for this beautiful, hope-filled piece of art.

Double Trouble celebrate Rhythmatic’s 3rd birthday with headliner Marco Carola

On sitting down in a café in Spitalfields, it’s immediately hard not to be charmed by Kiri and Kostas Poulos. Brothers, twins and rock solid friends, the duo also go by the name of… Continue reading

How to manifest happiness

Shared from mother to daughter, and now, from daughter to you… The A – Z of living happy Accept yourself – Accept others – Appreciate each other – and have Adventures. Breathe deeply… Continue reading

An evening with men on the moon

Last weekend, I spent a day in blistering sunshine dancing to techno at Green and Blue festival in Frankfurt. In stark contrast, this Wednesday saw me taking my seat at London’s Queen Elizabeth… Continue reading

Let your heart and imagination wander…