#24DaysofKindness start here

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve had an advent calendar. And yet there’s no shortage of them out there. Beauty ones. Gin ones. Run-of-the-mill (shitty-tasting) chocolate ones. But there’s something very inward-focused about these. What if we give for 24 days instead? It can be the tiniest of thoughtful gestures.

That’s what I’m doing. Inspired by a friend sharing something similar on social media. Yes, it’s already 4th December. But it’s never too late to start. And you know what, you could just keep on going…

Day one of kindness. It looked like this…
Wearing (and sharing the message behind) my new ethical and sustainable cardi from Braintree Clothing. (If you shop their socks any day in December they’ll give another pair to charity on your behalf).

filter cardi.JPG

Day 2
Sharing my view with a friend who couldn’t see it with me.


Day 3
Sending family and friends Christmas cards.


To be continued…