#24DaysofKindness: Day 14

With 14 days down, I keep thinking I’m running out of ideas. And like everyone right now, my time is short. Mounting to-dos before Christmas. Battling horrendous commutes. Demands from every direction. It’s no wonder I – we – feel stressed.

But that’s nothing even close to what some others have to deal with – on a daily basis.

In a minute’s break today I chose to have a look at The Guardian. I could have sworn every article on their homepage spoke of doom, gloom and misery. Then I saw this story. A way to help some of the people so desperately in need right now – child refugees.

Three charities will benefit from the fundraising The Guardian are doing:

  1. Help Refugees. Who, in The Guardian’s words, “bring a refreshing vitality and energy to the provision of emergency humanitarian aid.”
  2. Safe Passage. Who, again in The Guardian’s words, “help provide legal support to hundreds of unaccompanied refugee children.”
  3. The Children’s Society. Who, once more in The Guardian’s words, “provide a range of services from legal advice to help youngsters access education and housing, to language lessons, social activities and mentoring.”

Please read the full Guardian article. Then do as I’ve done and donate. There are people, children, out there with far greater needs than our own. Please give generously.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 20.18.13.png


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