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#24DaysofKindness: Day 24. (And lessons learned).

Woah. 24days are done as of today. That was FAST. There have been many moments when I’ve questioned why I’ve been doing #24DaysofKindness. At times it’s felt self-congratulatory. And blogging about some subjects… Continue reading

#24DaysofKindness: Day 23

Made some Christmas presents. (Shhhh!). See yesterday’s #DayofKindness.  

#24DaysofKindness: Day 22

Today’s my last day of a short contract. It’s been hectic. Full of laughs. And awesome all round. I couldn’t have asked for a better duo to work with – so enjoy the little thank you… Continue reading

#24DaysofKindness: Day 21

I called a friend who’s had some recent disappointment. Just to check in. She’s important in my life. And I want her to always be in it. She’s shown strength for me as… Continue reading

#24DaysofKindness: Day 19

Today? This. Check out yesterday’s Triple Dose of kindness.  

#24DaysofKindness: Triple Dose Day

Whoops. Behind. Again. Though as before, only on posting – not kindness. Here’s what’s happened over the last few days… Friday, Day 16 I bumped into a friend I’d not seen for a… Continue reading

#24DaysofKindness: Day 15

Today I gave a homeless man a cup of tea. He was cold and ignored at the train station. And he was incredibly grateful for a simple hot drink. It feels wrong to… Continue reading

#24DaysofKindness: Day 14

With 14 days down, I keep thinking I’m running out of ideas. And like everyone right now, my time is short. Mounting to-dos before Christmas. Battling horrendous commutes. Demands from every direction. It’s… Continue reading

#24DaysofKindness DOUBLE DOSE

It’s day 13. I’m behind. Behind on posts only – not kindness. Over the last couple of days I’ve been travelling. And a sign ‘spoke’ to me in Berlin. This one… For Day… Continue reading

#24DaysofKindness: Day 11

I made a Day of the Dead skull as a thank you for this lovely lady. She’s cut my hair for years – thanks, Jacqui! #24DaysofKindness See yesterday’s #DayofKindness.  

#24DaysofKindness: Day 10

I helped a WiFi-less stranger find his way in London. He was looking for a store called Whatever it Takes. (Coincidental name indeed). A quick search and I sent him on his merry way… Continue reading

#24DaysofKindness: Day 9

Posted a good friend keepsakes for her new babies. See what yesterday’s #DayofKindness.

#24DaysofKindness: Day 8

I had a shitty morning yesterday. It was all the fault of the train gods. (Seriously #southernfail? How hard is it to get trains right? HOW HARD?). It’s safe to say everything that… Continue reading

Whoops. Skipped a day so it’s #24DaysofKindness Double Dose

I didn’t mean to overlook Day 4 – quite the opposite. I just got a bit eager beaver and ahead of myself. So… KINDNESS DOUBLE DOSE TIME. To catch up on Day 4:… Continue reading