#24DaysofKindness: Triple Dose Day

Whoops. Behind. Again. Though as before, only on posting – not kindness. Here’s what’s happened over the last few days…

Friday, Day 16
I bumped into a friend I’d not seen for a long time. She’s having a hard time. So we went for a drink. And I listened.

Saturday, Day 17
I made a simple promise and kept it: escort someone to the train station to see them off. So very small. Yet I wasn’t expecting it to have been as appreciated as it was.

Sunday, Day 18
I’ve been working today. And as it’s Sunday, normally my day off, I promised myself two things:

One: a morning run. The sea was so very beautiful yesterday I didn’t want to miss it today if it happened to be the same. My timing was unbelievable – I got a short glimpse of similar beauty before it left for the rest of the day. (See it below).

Two: a little walk to break up my work.

Little kind promises cost nothing. And bring us and others something we all underestimate. Try some promises of your own. See what happens. And, if you’d like to, let me know how you get on.


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