What will Brighton be like in 50 years?

The sun is shining. A new-found feeling of excitement fills the air. Seagulls swoop over the warm waves, stealing chips from people just like they always have. And like nothing’s changed.

One glance from the corner of an eye reveals a rollercoaster. Blinding lights, even in the afternoon sun, dazzle through the city. Wait… That’s not one, but a whole city of movement. Rides and rollercoasters wind everywhere.

Houses, flats and all of the buildings are gone. But where does everyone live? Where are the homes? How do we eat? Sleep? When one coaster comes to a stop, we ask. The rollercoasters are our homes. It’s free to live and always fun. Everything is free. The sun always shines and the planet has reached equilibrium. The ozone layer has renewed itself. The earth’s resources are no longer stretched.

This is a new world. A new future. One with fresh hope. And a lifetime of adventure living on rollercoasters.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 10.05.33.png

– The first free writing exercise of mine from a Little Green Pig workshop.