Why I’ve decided to create an Affirmation Wall

This idea came to be a few days ago. Motivational quotes come into our lives for moments. They arrive via social media more often than not. They’re something brands are borrowing to relate with audiences – and it tends to work. The idea of uttering them to oneself, often without words, is anything but new.

I’ve read about affirmations plenty of times in books. From the amazing Susan Jeffers and Cheryl Strayed, and from other people and places along the way. Though I’ve yet to embrace my own affirmations. And I’d never thought I’d be here creating a wall of them.

Maybe it’s because my subconscious had already been collecting them. I only had to recognise that my own social feeds were becoming a natural source of inspiration. So, the beginnings of my personal affirmation wall are here. Rather shabbily scrawled on Post It notes.

But there’s a plan behind this. To, first, see which affirmations ‘stick’. Not on the wall, but in my mind. (The whole reason these quotes have made it to the wall is that they already hit a positive nerve).

Once I’ve gathered more. And taken down ones I discover, having lived with them a little, don’t mean as much. I’ll have them sketched or typed up and framed. My own wall of wonder, if you like. And this is simply the beginning.