Tough, tailored and to die for – Todd Lynn for Topshop

Rock and roll’s best-kept secret is out –Todd Lynn has arrived at Topshop.   In an exclusive collaboration, Lynn has designed seven limited edition pieces for Topshop combining this season’s monochrome palette, feathers and… Continue reading

Update your cool with

After a particularly awful week (and it’s only Thursday) I discovered yearbookyourself  – the perfect antidote.               It’s a really simple website that requires you to load a photograph of anyone you’d care to… Continue reading

Does social networking hamper our ability to bond?

I recently met someone who blogs practically for a living, which then provoked me to consider if all of the social marketing activity happening in this technology obsessed world, detracts from us being… Continue reading

Sun, sand and Salinas – where I’m watching the sun set on my 20s

Last month, a few good friends and I ‘jet-setted’ off to the white isle of Ibiza to wave good-bye to one of our 20s and embrace the 30s with open arms.  A recommendation… Continue reading

George Benson & Nuyorican Soul – ‘You can do it baby’

Sunday morning, the sun was shining and on my walk to indulge in a bit of every girls favourite pass time (shopping, unoriginally) my shuffle did me proud.  George Benson & Nuyorican Soul’s… Continue reading

Minty dribbles, opposite elbows & finger popping.

In anticipation to turning twenty-nine, a lovely lady in the office gave me a very thoughtful birthday gift in advance to the actual day.  Not only was it a kind thought and very… Continue reading

Olympic Airways – Foals; How to make your heat skip a four minute & twenty-three second beat.

We’ve been talking in the office about going to see Foals for a while now yet never quite got round to getting tickets as that thing called ‘work’ kept getting in the way. … Continue reading

What does my homepage look like? #2

Thanks to a very lovely (and rather web savy) friend, I found out about wordle.  It’s a very simple but kooky little site with not much purpose other than to take your blog or… Continue reading

Dimitri from Paris – Talkin’ All That Jazz (Stetsasonic mix)

This time next week, I will be dancing my not so huge ass off in none other than Space, Ibiza (post warm up at the amazing Bora Bora).  With good friends in tow,… Continue reading

Samin – ‘Heater’ and THAT accordion.

I can’t help but smile as I write this as it reminds me of a time filled with lots of laughs, free drinks and a friendly argument.    Pounding the treadmill this evening… Continue reading

All about the Rolex

Bizarre that it is, I’ve hopped on the Rolex bandwagon. A bit of a virginal genre to me, I’ve branched out musically and have to admit, that I’m a huge fan of the… Continue reading

Crocs and socks; anyone got fashion police on speed dial?

It’s 8.17am and I’m on my usual walk to the station en route to the office. Happily plugged in listening to Tom Middleton in a world of my own, I’m rudely snapped back… Continue reading

Zebras, cracked eggs & Simon…A day with the RAA

  After catching glimpses of reviews online and in the papers, I decided a trip to The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition should be on my to do list – much in… Continue reading

Mark Knight & Funkagenda – Man With A Red Face

Having just spend the last four days in Ibiza, the first things I did when I got home were; a) crawl into bed and attempt to sleep b) search for flights back c)… Continue reading

ASOS; The New Topshop

Move over Philip Green (and please do take Kate with you) – ASOS is in town and is cleaning up the virtual fashion forefront. Formerly known as As Seen On Screen, ASOS rose to… Continue reading

Happy Birthday Madonna – 50 today.

As a long standing Madonna fan, I thought the only decent thing to do would be to wish her many happy returns on reaching the half-century benchmark. A fine fifty years old today,… Continue reading

Gary Fernandez – Illustrator Extraordinaire

If you’ve not heard of Gary Fernandez, he’s a spanish illustrator & graphic artist responsible for the t-shirt brand Velvet Banana and you really should check out these amazing drawings (and t-shirts).  I’m currently… Continue reading