Love to one and all

It’d be fair to say that the last couple of weeks have been testing. I’m hesitant to say “rough” but little things known as ‘challenges’ have come thick and fast. Perhaps it’s my… Continue reading

It’s the grand finale: Bakemas day 12

The great bake has reached its pinnacle! 12 whole days of indulgent treats have passed and it’s fair to say that our belts are now being fastening a little looser. Ahem. Bringing The… Continue reading

Bakemas has not been forgotten…

…merely its coverage paused due to illness; yuck. Here’s what been happening in the Eco Office while I’ve been away (I think – no, I know –  I’ve been sorely missing out). Day… Continue reading

The 12 Days of Bakemas – we’re half way there

Following on from yesterday, Charlotte,  the Eco Office’s PR Guru, crafted Pesto Palmiers (much neater than mine, I must say). Lilly, our buying assistant extraordinaire, whipped up festive-hued “I Have No Ideas” – we… Continue reading

Bakemas – Day 5

As we march towards the half-way mark of The 12 Days of Bakemas, today saw Zoe and Yours Truly as the girls with the goods. Zoe went for a savoury number – homemade… Continue reading

The 12 Days of Bakemas – Day 4

As The 12 Days of Bakemas continue, it’s safe to say we’re in full festive swing here at the Eco Office. Today, it’s Kris and Caroline’s turn to showcase their sugary treats. Kris… Continue reading

Bakemas, Baby – Day 3

Today Laura and Paola took over from Claire and Fiona for the third instalment of The 12 Days of Bakemas. On a Monday afternoon, I think we were all in need of a pick-me-up… Continue reading

The 12 days of Bakemas – day 2

It’s the end of the week, it’s Christmas (almost), and we’re feeling festive hunger pangs in the eco-office. Thankfully, as day two of The 12 Days of Bakemas is upon us, Claire and… Continue reading

Introducing The 12 Days of Bakemas

Today marks the beginning of two-and-a-bit weeks worth of toothsome delights in the eco office – a.k.a. The 12 Days of Bakemas.  This involves different members of the team baking on a daily… Continue reading

Telling tales of adventure

A few years back I met a tall, utterly modest girl named Hannah. She soon scurried off from the brand we worked for, swapping the London 9-5 to cross continents upon the back… Continue reading

Music to move you

This song, a certain someone, a slow dance. Can it get any better?    

Bright lights, big city


Things I’m grateful for

It’s been quite a while since I last posted about the things I’m grateful for. Great start at a regular feature there, soldiersailor. However, here I am, thinking about the last two weeks that have… Continue reading

In the company of legends

Last night we dined on seared trout, sipped ginger beer and spiced rum, and shaked, rattled and staggered rolled as the Classic Rock Magazine Awards played out in London’s Roundhouse. A good friend… Continue reading

Loved for an altogether different reason

There is no nook, no space, where one can’t find inspiration. Sometimes I find myself drifting off – years down the line I’m still the ‘daydreamer’ school teachers reprimanded me for being. Midst… Continue reading

Be gone, Tuesday blues

It’s Tuesday. It isn’t the beginning of the week, nor the middle, and its preposterously far from the end, too. My point? We’re in the weekday equivalent of No Man’s Land, and darn… Continue reading

The sound of seven days

It’s been a mental, crazy, crazy seven days. A week filled with laughter; nerves; immense decisions; old, and newborn friends. Who knew so much could happen in such a short space of time? Six… Continue reading

Henrik Schwarz – Where We At (Part 2) feat. Ame, Dixon, Derrick Carter

A lot of people talk about music ‘taking you on a journey’. Often, it’s just PR speil, but sometimes, you really are in for one heck of a voyage. Henrik Schwarz’s Where We… Continue reading

Sock-knockin’, road-trippin’

Every now and then you discover something that knocks your socks off. For me, it’s currently YouandEwans’ track ‘1988’. Maybe I’ve heard it before, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m going on… Continue reading

A little Friday inspiration

Featuring/from: Pinterest Fashion-and-fine-reads (Pinterest) Richard Braqo Div Sagar Marlene Dietrich (in Hitchcock’s Stage Fright) A Bohemian Life Gabriella Marina Gonzalez Nowmanifest