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A look to love

Socks & stilettos. Need we say more?

A little Friday inspiration

Featuring/from: Pinterest Fashion-and-fine-reads (Pinterest) Richard Braqo Div Sagar Marlene Dietrich (in Hitchcock’s Stage Fright) A Bohemian Life Gabriella Marina Gonzalez Nowmanifest  

Embracing the dark side

My mother loves goths. More to the point, she loves being one. When she first revealed this penchant for dressing-up I asked her, “What would you have said if I was a goth… Continue reading

Icons and inspiration

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about icons. Not necessarily those pivotal figures like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn – whom without a doubt, are indeed icons – but more-so photographs, items –… Continue reading

Get your vintage fix at Nastygal.com

From oversized lumber jack shirts (just add wet look leggings) to 80s sequinned dresses and signature eco cotton totes; Nasty Gal ‘for the discerning fashionista’ is currently my virtual second home.   A… Continue reading