Embracing the dark side

My mother loves goths. More to the point, she loves being one. When she first revealed this penchant for dressing-up I asked her, “What would you have said if I was a goth as a teenager?” Her reply was simple, “I’d have loved it.”

Unfortunately for my mother, I think I was a bit of a Blossom-meets-Madonna 80s kid for most of my teens. It was my sister who came closest to the dark side by wholly embodying the grunge look and hanging out with lesbians.

Fast-forward to 2012 and another conversation with my mother. “Mum, you’ll be pleased to know I’m opening my arms to all things Gothic for autumn.” This time she said, “Yes, and?”

Perhaps her succinct words are down to having been married 40 years to a man who affectionately dribbles so much rubbish she can’t get a word in. Really, I know it’s because inside she she’s saying “Been there, done that”. I’m proud to say she has indeed; see first photo for evidence of her rocking the Gothic look at the fine age of mindyourownbusiness (my words, her thoughts).

So with the phrase ‘like mother, like daughter’ in mind, I only hope my decision of taking my wardrobe towards the shadowy depths of dark side will do my mother’s first forays justice. After all, one would hate to disappoint.

Inspiration from top to bottom: mum, Sisters Of The Black Moon, photographer Chadwick Tyler, Kate Winslet, The Blackheart’s Joan Jett, fashion designer Barbara Gongini’s SS13 collection (via fashionising), and DirtyLittleStyleWhoree.