The Amnesia I Will Never Forget

Arriving home at 7am yesterday, it really felt like a week in Ibiza had just melted into one as it completely flew by.  However, I’m delighted to say that not only was it the best holiday of my life, it was also throughly a thirtieth to remember thanks to one incredible night; Cocoon at Amnesia.

A friend tipped me off on the night (and in particular, the amazing ex-Hip-Hop DJ Loco Dice) a few weeks before I was to jet off.  Having said it was the best music he’d heard in twenty years, I couldn’t believe my luck that the the party landed on the evening of my birthday and new to the term ‘tech’ house (but not the music), I couldn’t wait to check it out.  There also seemed to be a bit of a German theme on the actual night, between headlining DJ’s – Sven Väth, Tiefschwarz, Loco Dice, and five amazing new friends we met on our neighbouring balcony, who joined us to ‘make a party’.

We stepped through Amnesia’s doors at around 1am and straight into an already euphoric atmosphere.  Essentially, what’s a huge warehouse space in the middle of a highway was illuminated with a spectrum of LED lights and the speakers were bursting with heart-shaking bass-soaked beats.  From one am to six-thirty, not one of the eight of us left that dance floor and at around 5.30am, we were lucky enough to see the custom-built ‘robot’ my friend had missed only a few weeks before.  Apparently the lazer-lit creation is famous the world over and favoured by DJ-of-the-moment David Guetta.  After appearing to rise from the floor, levitate to beam luminous light rays through the crowds and jets of dry ice, I can see why.  To say this was an experience doesn’t anywhere near hit the mark and the video below could sadly never quite substitute the real thing.  Indeed, you really needed to be there and if you’re fast, you may well get the chance at one of the few remaining parties this year.

After a majorly disappointing We Love Space Sundays the evening before, I think it’s only fair i thank my friend for alerting me to the existence of Cocoon and indirectly being responsible for probably the best night of my life. Bring on Ibiza 2010.