Gin, mushroom sandwiches and a little bit of denim

The lovely Robert from lineageofinfluence invited me to’s denim bar launch party last night so with him being my good friend and all, it was a little bit rude not too really. Especially when it involved free booze, loud music and the requisite drunken conversations between good friends as we undoubtedly put the world to right.

Oh, and we were meant to look at jeans too, right? So where were they? All that I could see was countless cool-kids knocking back the gin cocktails and young pretty things waiting in the wings, checking their six-inch slap was perfectly placed but no, no denim. Certainly there seemed to be all but nothing on the women’s front and when it came to menswear, a trio of tacky male mannequins sat at the back of the warehouse-style venue sporting chav-tastic get-ups, even including an unbuttoned fly.

Having sleuthed out the new Denim Bar at earlier in the day I was already a little disappointed, simply to see that it while it appears the concept may be good, it basically was neither original nor actually theirs. Almost everything from the entire editorial to the design, fit tips, fonts and photographs would appear to have been mysteriously ‘cloned’ from NET-A-PORTER.COM’s denim boutique.

Rather unimpressed, we stayed for just under an hour and had it not been for the mini mince and pea pies plus the mushroom sandwiches keeping Mr Influence entertained, we probably would have left a lot earlier. But before we took to our heels, we were sure to sample the one other fun freebie – a terribly lit photo booth which provided some rather unflattering but fun results nonetheless. Check us out, who said we weren’t down with the kidz?