How to manifest happiness

Shared from mother to daughter, and now, from daughter to you…

The A – Z of living happy

Accept yourself – Accept others – Appreciate each other – and have Adventures. Breathe deeply – Believe in love – Be still, now and again, and again.

Choose calm and compassion – count your blessings – Cuddle – Care for all creatures – Celebrate life. Dance wildly – Dream passionately – Dare to be different – Delight in little things.

Eat with awareness – Encourage a child – Enjoy being in your body. Forgive yourself – Forgive others – Have faith – Flow with change – Follow your bliss.

Great a stranger – Grow plants – Go within – Giggle. Hug an old person – Hold hands – Help where you can – Let love heal – Honour all people.

Invite folks into your home – and into your heart. Imagine peace – Know that we are all interdependent.

Think juicy – Live juicy – Judge no-one. Kiss a friend – Practise kindness. Laugh like a child – Listen with your heart – Let go of old stuff – Love who you are with – Let your light shine.

Make soup – Make friends – Make a difference – Expect miracles. Nourish one another – Have naps – Enjoy and respect nature. Open your mind – Open your heart – Watch for opportunities – Try optimism.

Pray for peace – Play for fun – Live on purpose. Question your intention – Enjoy your life’s quest.

Rest like a tree – Read less negativity – Rejoice in loving friendships – Reach out and touch. Sing from your heart – Smell the roses – Speak your truth with love – Simplify your life – Smile – Surprise yourself.

Turn off the TV – Take time to see with new eyes – Touch sorrow with compassion – Try tenderness – Trust. Understand that we are all one family – Unite with others in candlelit silence.

Visualise a happy, loving, peaceful life – Visit places of beauty. Wake with gratitude – Walk in wonder – Work with love.

X marks the spot – it’s right here, right now. Stay young at heart and say yes to life – Yes, yes, yes. Sleep with gratitude and love.