Career spotlight: Soldiersailor in the hot seat

Every once in a while, it’s highly recommended to stop completely and take check of what’s going on in your world, or rather – career.

This is exactly what I did on reading the finished interview I recently had with recruiters GXY Search. Unusually, this time round saw me in the hot seat.

The result? A great little piece (if I do say so myself) that will forever remind me to pause and say “Hey, I’m doing alright”, whenever moments of self belief attempt to get the better of me. Sometimes it really does take the impossible task of stepping out of your own shoes to realise just quite how far you’ve come. Try it yourself – you might just like what you find.

You can read the full interview here, and once you have, feel free to share thoughts, questions and comments right here on Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor. Happy reading.*

*With a little bit of luck, by the time you read the feature, the typos are no more as per my request…