What does it take to be the Brightest and Best?

Last July, I found myself sat in a dank, dark subterranean warehouse, with arches overhead, and the smell of damp filling my nostrils.

What could simply have been the venue for a techno party, was in fact the place for theatre; the production of “AVE IT”, a “panoramic view of last orders in a sweaty, underground club in South East London” produced by my director friend Natalie Ibu.

She’s a vivacious lady (not to mention rather stylish, too) and rarely does she not have project after project up her sleeve. So what’s she up to now?

Introducing, ‘Brightest and Best’, Natalie’s next production in conjunction with playwright Matthew Morrison and The Pilotlight Theatre Company.

It’s a tale many of us will resonate with – one where Rob, the average Joe Bloggs (actor William Owen), gives up the rat race to focus on an entirely new venture. We follow the natural trials and tribulations that ensue, eventually bringing us to the climax of the play.

To learn of the tale’s twists further, book your tickets at We Got Tickets and take your seat to see it all unfold. I’ll be there on 23rd to find out what lessons are to be learned when one shirks stability, and ventures out into the big wide world of the unknown.

‘Brightest and Best’ is on at The Half Moon in Herne Hill, London, from 15th February to 10th March 2012.